Mickey Mouse Birthday Invites

Our daughter Marvel’s 2nd birthday is coming up here in a couple of weeks and we are getting ready with all the planning, most importantly the invitations for the party!

Since Mickey and Minnie Mouse are her favorites, we are going to be having a Mickey and Minnie themed party! When it came to making invitations, I just KNEW I had to use my Cricut.

But I didn’t own any of the Disney Cartridges to use with my machine so how was I going to make the perfect Mickey Mouse invites?

The answer is that you don’t have to have the Disney Cartridge! You can actually find all the Disney images and fonts within the Cricut Design Space, and even better, you can buy only the ones you need!

To make these invitations, you’ll need:

I thought about what I wanted the invitations to look like and I thought a Mickey silhouette would be perfect! I looked for an image available and found one I liked.

I’ve already purchased this, but where it says “purchased” you would see the amount it costs to buy that image. The great thing is, once you’ve bought it, you don’t have to buy it again! Also, you don’t have to purchase the image right away, you purchase it right before you cut, so if you insert an image that you decide you’re not going to use, then you’re not stuck with it.


Once I inserted the image, I went over to the layers and turned “off” the red part of the image by clicking on the eye.

This allowed me to have just the black silhouette that I wanted for my invites.


I next sized the image to make the “head” part of the was about 4 inches in diameter, then turned it on its side.

After that, I copied and pasted the Mickey head so I had two of them. I turned the second image to mirror the first one then lined them up so they just barely overlapped and welded the two layers together. This made it so I could fold it in half for the invite.

My next step was to insert a circle and size it so only a small edge of the head portion was showing and changed the color to red.

I copied and pasted the red circle for the inner part of the invite (which will have the details of the party!), but I changed that color to white. I then added “Who:”, “Where:”, and “When:” to the white circle, choosing the font “Disney Mickey” which can be purchased individually like the image was.

I attached the circle and the text, but made sure to change the text to “write” for my Cricut Machine to write for me.

For the front of the invite, I added some text and attached it to the red circle.

Since I was satisfied with the size and portion of the invite parts, I clicked the green “go” circle at the top of the page.

The next page will show you the three different steps and cuts you’ll do to complete the card.

Typically you’ll see a green “go” button at the bottom, but when you need to purchase an image or font it will say “purchase” and take you to where you can authorize the payment with your card on file or fill out the information.

Afterward, it will take you back to the page and you can hit “go” and it will take you to the cut screen. Make sure you’re Cricut device is on so you can connect to it via USB or Bluetooth then put the dial on “cardstock”. Place your black cardstock on the cutting mat and load it into the machine. Once loaded press the Cricut “C” button to start cutting!

Once your black cardstock is cut, you’ll unload the mat and carefully remove the paper using your Cricut Tools. Put the red cardstock on the mat and load it into the machine. Before hitting the “C” button, you’ll want to make sure to put your marker in the pen holder. This allows the machine to write for you! It’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have very good handwriting to begin with.


After the red part is done, you’ll follow the same steps for the white.

Now that you’re done cutting, you can do like me and add a little extra something to the card design. I used my Cricut Paper Crafting Set to distress the edge of the front Mickey Head and the red circle.

Afterward, I glued the red circle to the front of the card and the white circle to the inside.

Using the Scoring Stylus, I created a dented line for the card to fold in half more easily.

I folded the card in half and voila! It was finished!

How cute is that? Marvel saw it and immediately said “Mickey!” She was so excited!

I’ve also got the approval of Minnie Mouse herself!

If you end up making these invites, let me know in the comments!





This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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