How To Make Cosplay Accessories with a Cricut

When you think about what you can make with a Cricut, I’m sure your mind goes straight to cutting vinyl to make wall saying or paper to make cute little cards.

But did you know that the Cricut can cut more materials than just that? You can cut:

  • Balsa wood
  • Fabric
  • Washi tape
  • Silicone
  • Chip board
  • Etc

The list goes on and on and on. In fact there is a “custom” setting on the Cricut machine that allows you to choose which material you’re cutting from a drop down list in the Cricut Design Space.

Today I wanted to focus on two of my favorite materials that you can cut using the Cricut that you can use to make cosplay accessories! I’ll be making a Superhero Mask using Craft Foam and Medieval Cuffs using a thin sheet of Faux Leather.


Materials Needed

For Superhero Mask

For Medieval Cuffs


Superhero Mask

To make the Superhero Mask you’ll want to go to “Insert Image” and then search for “Masquerade Mask”. The image you’ll want to choose is the black one with swirly designs on it.

This is a paid image but the great thing is that once you buy the image for $0.99 you won’t have to buy it again, but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy it until you’re done designing.

Next click “Insert Image”.

Since we don’t want the swirly design, you’ll want to make sure you click on the eye on the right hand side under the Layers tab to make sure it has a line through it like the image below:

This prevents it from queuing up that layer when you go to cut the mask out.

Next you’ll want to measure your face (or whoever the mask is for’s face) so you can make sure it fits. I am making the mask for my daughter Marvel. I measured the space between her eyes and then her actual eyes to make sure she could actually see.

I then followed the steps to cut by hitting “Go” and paying for the image, then hitting “go” again at the bottom corner. I connected to my Cricut via Bluetooth (so make sure your Cricut is on! I’ve tried to connect before and it wasn’t on. Woops!) and chose the Craft Foam setting. Next, I put my foam on the Cricut Cutting Mat and loaded it into the machine. Once ready I then hit the Cricut button and let it work it’s magic!

Now I’ll be honest and let you know that my foam was 2 mm thick. I didn’t realize this until later. I tried cutting it again on another foam setting that was for 2 mm but it cut the same as the craft foam setting for me. I ended up needed to cut the mask out with scissors but it was really easy and didn’t make much of a difference to me. The layer was thin so I really only had to glide the scissors around the design to help loosen it from the rest of the foam.

Doesn’t that look cool?

The next step is to take your elastic and cut it to the size of the head it needs to fit. You can choose to have two pieces of elastic that you will tie behind the head or one piece to have a closed loop. I went with the two pieces because I wanted it to grow along with Marvel.

To get the right length though, you’ll want to measure from about their ear to around the back to the other ear then minus one or two inches so the elastic can grip the head more.

After you’ve gotten your elastic piece(s), you’ll want to hot glue them to the back sides. I did this by placing the elastic edge about midway between the corner of the eye piece and the side of the mask then glueing over it. I had to hold the elastic down a bit so it didn’t “float” up to the top but thankfully it dries fairly quickly and stays pretty strong.

And now you have a cool Superhero mask!

This is seriously one of Marvel’s favorite accessories now!


Medieval Cuff

First you’ll want to insert a square shape.

Then you’ll want to click on the lock button on the bottom left hand corner to “unlock” the square. This allows you to make it into a rectangle.

You’ll want to measure your wrist and forearm to get the correct measurements so it’ll fit. I did about 7.5 inches long as my leather cord will make up the rest of the space. I then made it 3.5 inches tall. You can decide to make it taller or shorter, whichever you prefer.

Next you’ll want to make the holes where your leather cord will lace through. I inserted a circle and then sized it to about 1/4 of an inch. You’ll want to then copy and past the circle 9 times (so you have 10 circles all together) then line them up along the side of the cuff. Don’t worry if they’re not spaced correctly because I’ll show you next how to align and space them.

To align and space them, highlight all of the circles so they’re all selected.

Then you’ll go to the Align button up top and then choose “Center Horizontally” then “Distribute Vertically”.

Highlight all the circles again and then select “Weld”. This will make it so you can copy all the circles at once to use for the other side of the cuff as well as slice the image to create the holes easily.

After you’ve welded and copied the circles, you’ll want to slice the image. To do that you’ll select the rectangle and one of the rows of circles and click “slice” in the layers editor. Then drag the sliced circles away from the cuff and click the X button to remove them. You should have two rows of sliced circles per side.

Repeat for the other side of the cuff. You might have to position the cuff to the back by selecting the cuff and selecting “arrange” to see your other row of circles.

Your cuff image should look like this:

Then you’ll follow the usual steps of preparing your Cricut to cut by clicking “go”. When putting the Faux Leather on the Cutting Mat, I like to put the leather side down. And don’t forget to choose the “faux leather” setting!

Once it’s done cutting, remove the material from the Cutting Mat and then remove any holes remaining on the cuff.

I love the pretty green color of this faux leather!

Next you’ll want to thread the leather cord through like a shoelace. This holds it together and gives it that medieval sort of look.

There you have it!

I really love the way the Cricut makes it easy to make cosplay accessories, especially using Craft Foam and Faux Leather which I didn’t know I could do until I talked with my Cricut loving friends! There are even a lot more amazing materials you can use for cosplay purposes using your Cricut. I plan to go over some of my other favorites such as the Iron On Vinyl in the future!

And if you’d like to skip the steps above and just use my design, check out these links here:

Cosplay Cuff

Cosplay Mask

What types of Cosplay Accessories would you make with a Cricut? Let me know in the comments!

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